Nakfoor Orthodontics Introduces New Accelerated Orthodontic Treatment with the PROPEL® System

Dr. Nakfoor and his team are excited to announce that we now offering patients in Arlington Heights and the surrounding area another accelerated orthodontic treatment option. Using the PROPEL® System, an innovative technique that significantly reduces orthodontic treatment, Dr. Nakfoor can give patients the smile they’ve always wanted… faster!

The PROPEL System is a simple 3 step in-office treatment that is performed in minutes and is done during your regular appointment. The patented process creates Micro-osteoperfotrations, which is a scientifically proven method to stimulate bone to remodel faster, in turn allowing teeth to move faster. When used in conjunction with any orthodontic treatment such as Invisalign® or braces, patients benefit from more predictable results and a significant reduction in the time spent undergoing orthodontics.

Whether a patient is looking to get ready for graduation, college, a wedding or is simply ready to be proud of their smile, Dr. Nakfoor and the PROPEL system can get you the results you’re looking for as fast as ever.

Give us a call to learn more at 847-392-0330!

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